Tom Rossetti

As artists, many of us take in and process imagery we see in the natural world, and in our daily lives. Some of that imagery remains with us through memories, experiences and dreams. It is our challenge to interpret this information in a personal and intuitive way and render it to canvas. I want to trigger an emotional response in the viewer that is relatable and comforting… an inner peace, a special moment, a discovery, or a connection.

When painting, many times I do not have a clear image in my head as to what the piece will be. The painting starts off very abstract and random. I let the paint, the color and brush strokes direct the compositional flow and its movements. I build upon the layers, the washes and drips, then I start editing. The piece evolves and then the imagery tightens. Editing and adding, building and erasing. As with any growth, any development, any metamorphosis… the painting becomes.



Sunset_Print_ Any size
Tom Rossetti - artist