David Plath

Growing up in the neighborhoods of Chicago, I was exposed early on to the architecture of Sullivan, Lloyd Wright and others. Simply going to a movie theater when there were still opulent settings or walking through the cavernous skyscrapers of downtown helped develop my eye for line and form. As much as possible, I would spend free time at the Art Institute, losing himself in color, composition and technique.

My earliest photographic inspiration came from André Kertész and Stephen Deutch, whose subjects drew the audience in and immediately told a story. Subconsciously, I wanted to tell those same stories through my photographs. I want the audience to look up, look down and see the overlooked and unseen. My goal is to stir the emotional pot and spark an aha moment.

My passion now is in taking photographs that each of us has taken, nice pictures but nothing special. Even in these “throwaways” I believe there is a hidden story, waiting for release. At my computer, I spend time listening to and evoking their stories. Once the stories have been manipulated using various computer programs, I am able to coax a new depth of meaning to the surface. Avenues now stand open for storytelling that were previously obscured by the mundane. As time marches on, the interpretation of the base photograph is lost, even to me, taking on a completely different artistic persona and relishing in the experience.

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Art, in all its forms, opens the heart and mind to possibility.
~ David Plath

David Plath - photographer
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