Connor Dolan 

Connor Dolan is a multidisciplinary artist born in Miami and raised in South Florida. He currently attends Washington University in St. Louis as a junior and studies fine art, art history, and archeology. At 14 years old he began four years of formal art training with Venezuelan artist Lucy Saenz, first in dry media, then in oil paint. Connor’s portraiture evokes emotions of loneliness and vibrant despair. Using bright colors, he works to capture still, silent, and brooding subjects. Connor also works with medical and biological subject matter, as the mechanisms of life and the human body have fascinated him from a young age. Though portraiture has nearly always been the focus of his work, Connor also plays with degrees of abstraction in biological and medical representations of the human body. This type of artwork does not directly depict the traditional figure; it can represent by products of the human body or the body’s internal anatomy. Not only does he express these abstractions in traditional media such as oil paint, but he also uses alternative media to create portraits—which can include living things (such as bacteria and mold). His training in high school and college level biology and lab procedures allows him to utilize complex scientific processes such as bacterial and fungal culturing in his art making. 


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“Black Trans Lives Matter”

Connor Dolan – Artist
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