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Toby Gotesman Schneier is an American Expressionist painter, best known for her unique ability to transform objects, people, scenes and events into jarring and provocative works of art.

Her compassion for the human condition as well as her infatigable belief in a higher power are conspicuous throughout the paintings. It has been frequently noted that her work evokes a poignant sense of nostalgia and sentiment, even longing in the viewer, as the pieces appear to be laced with familiarity, ethnicity and a heightened sense of satire, irony, & collective injustice.

Her unabashed use of color and space, as well as her keen ability to shock the viewer into some sort of action with her bold and direct imagery, have gleaned her enormous notoriety throughout the international art community.

Her paintings are housed in myriad private collections and exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide.


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The only thing that I know in absolute certainty is that life always happens in color.

Toby Gotesman Schneier - Artist
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